TReC | Coworking and Business Incubation

What is TReC?

Thanks to its partnership with the Niagara Global Tourism Institute (NGTI), Niagara University can offer our graduate business students access to TReC. TReC is a co-working business incubator that is interactive and community-oriented, reflecting NU's emphasis on mission, development opportunities, and entrepreneurial values.

Located in downtown Niagara Falls, this location is a unique university extension for students to gain real, practical working experience while making meaningful connections and continuing their education into real world applications. At TReC, students can explore:

  • Entrepreneurial aspirations
  • Opportunities to work for an entrepreneur or small business
  • Community service
  • Networking and professional development events
  • Career focus and mentorship in tourism, hospitality, non-profits, urban planning, and much more

TReC enables NU students to talk to, learn from, and work for successful business owners of all kinds. Co-working at TReC offers productive spaces, Wi-Fi, and free coffee for any NU student five days a week. MBA students can gain access to TReC 24/7.

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616 Niagara Street
Niagara Falls, NY 14303
Ph: 716-513-0148

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