Supply Chain Management and Global Business

The Supply Chain Management and Global Business (SCMGB) Concentration will provide the skills and knowledge necessary for students who wish to pursue careers in the supply chain management, international logistics or product sourcing functions of an organization.

Students successfully completing this program will have specific knowledge of supply chain management supported by strong analytical and problem solving capabilities. The technical skills coupled with effective writing and managerial skills will yield professionals who are prepared to manage the internal and external complexities of a modern supply chain.

Graduating with a concentration in Supply Chain Management and Global Business will be well positioned for
employment at international freight forwarders and global logistics management firms, manufacturers who
export, purchasing departments doing international sourcing, customs brokers, as well as U.S. homeland
security departments focusing on freight crossing the border.

Concentration Courses

  • MGT 676: International Management

    Credit Hours: 3

    An overview of the ideas, concepts, institutions, and policies that influence the effective operation of firms engaged in international business. The course evaluates the importance of economic, socio-cultural, political, and legal variables of successfully operating in a global marketplace. In addition, the course examines structures, leadership styles, motivation strategies, and communication channels appropriate for the transnational firm. Topics of contemporary significance including: developing economies, entrepreneurship, regional trading blocs, international human resource management, and the shift from planned to market based economies are also presented.

  • MGT 654 : Global Sourcing and Risk Management

    Credit Hours: 3

    The widespread practice of purchasing finished goods, parts and supplies from all regions of the world creates inherent complexity and risks. This course addresses how to manage these challenges through supplier and global sourcing strategies, logistics partner selection, quality assurance, and the understanding of Incoterms and instruments of international payment to manage risk and accurately determine landed costs. Understanding government regulations, sustainability issues, differing language, social, legal, and ethical issues across cultures are also topics.

  • MGT 655: Global Transportation Systems

    Credit Hours: 3

    This course focuses on global transportation systems that are essential to international trade including air freight, ocean freighters, containerships and cross-border land transport in North America. Topics will include pricing, security, distribution strategies, and how to utilize third party logistics providers of international services. Important current issues related to regulation, domestic security, the environment, energy usage, and risks to transportation in politically unstable regions are discussed.