Strategic Marketing

The strategic marketing management concentration allows students to gain insight into the key sub-areas of product and marketing communications, marketing engineering and global marketing strategy. All of the courses in the marketing concentration are designed to give students a solid, well-rounded background in the qualitative and quantitative aspects of strategic marketing.

Concentration Courses (select 3 among the following options)

  • MKG 632: Marketing Communication Strategy

    Credit Hours: 3

    This course focuses on theory, concepts, and best practices associated with integrating and leveraging communication elements to create, enhance, and maintain winning brand performance for maximum corporate impact. Using a case study approach, the suite of communication elements are assessed for synergy and persuasive impact.

  • MKG 633: Marketing Engineering

    Credit Hours: 3

    An advanced marketing class which integrates concepts, analytic marketing techniques, marketing models, and computer decision models in making marketing management decisions. It applies marketing science methodologies to areas of product strategy, integrated marketing communication, sales force and channel design, consumer choice, and pricing strategy.

  • MKG 634: Global Marketing

    Credit Hours: 3

    This course aims to provide an understanding of the issues, contextual factors, mechanisms and organizational processes central to successfully establishing and maintaining an effective global marketing strategy. It aims to provide students with opportunities to enhance their strategic decision making skills for global market success.

  • MKG 637: Social Media Marketing

    Credit Hours: 3

    Social media marketing comprises a significant part of marketers’ communications goals and budgets. In this course, students understand and apply the concepts and best practices associated with social media marketing including technical aspects of strategic planning, content marketing, and social strategy using a real-world, case-study approach.

  • MKG 636: Digital Analytics

    Credit Hours: 3

    Digital analytics encompasses metrics and models associated with the consumer journey through electronic networks and interfaces. In this course students learn how to frame and measure consumer interactions across digital networks through a real-world, case study approach. Students also complete several certifications to demonstrate mastery of key techniques and concepts.

  • MKG 638: Big Data Analytics

    Credit Hours: 3

    This is an applied marketing course that integrates the latest concepts, analytic marketing techniques, and practices for leveraging big data in marketing decision making. It provides foundational approaches to big data analysis using models, visualization, and process. The course uses the program R, cloud-based resources, and virtual desktops for instruction.

  • MKG 682: New Product Commercialization

    Credit Hours: 3

    This course, developed and led by a global executive, focuses on developing a comprehensive market analysis, strategy, and implementation of new technology for commercialization. Students experience the critical steps, principles,and best practices in launching innovative and new products and services for market success.