International Business

Students in the international business concentration study a wide variety of coursework, including international management, global economics and finance, providing a broad background that can be applied to careers in general management, finance, and trade-related businesses.

Concentration Courses

  • ECO 621: Global Economic Perspective

    Credit Hours: 3

    This course examines the interdependence of economies to explain macroeconomic developments in a global context. Models are developed to explain Gross Domestic Product, unemployment, inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, and how economic policy at the national level is impacted by economic policy and economic conditions abroad. This course examines capital markets, foreign exchange markets, and labor markets in both a national and international context. Case studies and current economic developments are examined in a global perspective.

  • MGT 676: International Management

    Credit Hours: 3

    An overview of the ideas, concepts, institutions, and policies that influence the effective operation of firms engaged in international business. The course evaluates the importance of economic, socio-cultural, political, and legal variables of successfully operating in a global marketplace. In addition, the course examines structures, leadership styles, motivation strategies, and communication channels appropriate for the transnational firm. Topics of contemporary significance including: developing economies, entrepreneurship, regional trading blocs, international human resource management, and the shift from planned to market based economies are also presented.

  • FIN 645: International Finance

    Credit Hours: 3

    The focus of this course is on the international financial environment in which business firms operate and in which financial service providers compete. Attention is given to foreign direct investment, risk analysis, capital budgeting, international banking, and portfolio management. In addition, advanced topics such as international taxation, currency, and interest rate risk management will be discussed. The material presented will assist in the understanding of global management, international banking operations, and international financial institutions.