Human Resource Management

The human resource management concentration allows students to gain a broad range of knowledge in the area of human resources. Graduates are prepared for a wide variety of careers in general management and human resource positions in both the public and private sector. 

Concentration Courses

  • MGT 677: Organizational Development*

    Credit Hours: 3

    This course considers organizational development as a process of planned change to improve an organization's problem-solving skills, creativity, innovation, and its overall effectiveness within a changing and complex environment. Students will study intervention strategies to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals.

    *This course is required as part of the Strategic Management Concentration

  • MGT 675: Strategic Human Resource Management

    Credit Hours: 3

    The course studies human resource practices and their impact on firms' competitive advantage and corporate structure. This nexus is specifically studied as it relates to costing human resources, environmental scanning, mergers and acquisitions, and the internationalization of HRM. The importance of human resource planning to strategic choice, staffing, compensating, and employee and labor relations are also addressed. The student is taught skills for maximizing firm objectives via appropriate human resource practices.

  • MGT 678: Labor and Industrial Relations

    Credit Hours: 3

    A survey of industrial relations issues confronting management and the economy. Attention is focused on developments in both unionized and non-unionized business firms. Topics include the history, development, structures and process of the labor movements. Attention is directed at union organizing, collective bargaining, dispute resolution, and grievance handling. Instruction is theory based with practical applications All material is presented in its environmental context including, the economy, the legal system, and societal values. The pedagogy includes negotiation and grievance case studies.