The corporate finance concentration allows students to gain insight into the key sub-areas of finance, including corporate finance, investment analysis and portfolio management. 

All of Niagara University's finance courses serve as a preparation for those planning to write the various finance professional examinations, as well as careers in banking and insurance.

Students planning on writing a professional exam should consult the finance faculty for advice on preparation for the various finance professional exams or visit the websites of the institutes offering these exams. 

  • FIN 643: Corporate Financial Policy

    Credit Hours: 3

    This is an advanced course emphasizing capital market theory, risk management and financial planning. Through study of the theory and case discussion, the course applies many of the analytical techniques studied in FIN 610.

  • FIN 644: Investments

    Credit Hours: 3

    This course deals with the theories, analysis and management of fixed income and equity securities in a global capital market. The emphasis is on the application of finance, economics, accounting and statistics to the valuation of the aggregate stock market, alternative industries, asset pricing models, and portfolio management.

  • FIN 681: Derivative Securities

    Credit Hours: 3

    This course is an introduction to the analysis and use of derivative securities, such as forwards, futures, options and swaps. This course shows how they are used to achieve various hedging and speculating objectives and introduces a framework for pricing derivatives.