The Monteagle Fund

Active learning is a major part of your learning experience in Niagara University's College of Business Administration. Instead of just learning from a textbook, you’ll have the opportunity to challenge yourself by engaging in real-world business experiences. 

One of the most exciting programs at Niagara is the student-run investment fund, known as the Monteagle Fund. The fund allows students to manage a significant portion (over $100,000) of the actual university endowment by selecting equity (stocks), exchange traded funds (ETF’s) and short-term cash investments. The universe of available stocks is comprised of the stocks that make up the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, and the fund uses the S&P 500 as a performance benchmark.

The analysis, selection and monitoring of securities included in the Monteagle Fund is conducted entirely by students enrolled in FIN 690 Applied Portfolio Management course, under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Qing Yang, and overseen by a Board of Directors consisting of faculty, administration and local investment professionals. Students have the opportunity to use the same financial databases and analysis tools used by top investment management firms, through the resources of the Niagara Financial Services Laboratory.

As much as possible, all aspects of the fund are structured and operated as an actual investment management firm. Student investment managers comply with investment policy guidelines, conduct research and make investment buy or sell presentations, calculate performance against benchmarks, and report investment results to the Niagara University Board of Directors.