Entrepreneurship Serves as Theme for College of Business Administration’s Fourth Annual ‘Rally in Gally’

  • Sep 27, 2018
Entrepreneurship Serves as Theme for College of Business Administration’s Fourth Annual ‘Rally in Gally’

Niagara University’s College of Business Administration held its fourth annual “Rally in Gally” on Sept. 20, 2018. Dr. Mark Frascatore, dean of the college, and prominent businessman Scott Friedman Esq. addressed more than 180 students. Both speakers focused on the importance of entrepreneurship as central to an industrious and successful life.

This was the inaugural rally for Dr. Frascatore, who assumed the role of dean this summer. He discussed how his willingness to take advantage of opportunities led him to discover his calling to an academic life. He also noted how a trusted mentor helped him take the first steps on his career path. For Dr. Frascatore, the willingness to move “out of your comfort zone” and pursue opportunities are important hallmarks of an enterprising individual.

Friedman, chairman of Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP, general partner in Impact Capital of New York LLC, and principal and senior Advisor in Delphi21 Advisors LLC., spent the afternoon with the students and faculty of the College of Business Administration. He came early to “help set up” and spent time talking with students and faculty before the event. His address to the college, “Entrepreneurialism: A View from the Middle,” focused on the importance of investing yourself in whatever work you do. He also talked about his study of positive psychology, and the acronym HAPPY. The concepts behind the acronym are presented in a book he and Bob Rich co-authored (with Mike Pehanich), titled Secrets from the Delphi Café’: Unlocking the Code to Happiness. The idea, in short, is that making healthy choices, being productive and maintaining a youthful curiosity throughout life are related to happiness.

The common themes of seeking personal growth, being enterprising and not fearing risk link the speakers’ messages to Dr. Frascatore’s vision for an entrepreneurial focus in the College of Business Administration. He sees entrepreneurship not simply as a type of business endeavor, but rather as a general mindset that will benefit students as they engage the university’s mission of developing “the whole person, mind, body, heart and soul.”